Murals and Lore

"On the canvas of life,
Every sweep of the brush matters.
Counts for something."
-Scott Hastie.

The murals of Khati reek of stories, memories and wisdoms of its people - narrated to us by the residents of this quaint village - leaving the onlookers spellbound by the tales of love and life.

The head artist of the project-Poornima Sukumar, conceptualized the murals of Khati based on the traditional folk art called "Aipan", that is specifically found in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. 'Aipan' is derivative of a Sanskrit word which means 'to pigment'. Auspicious in its bearing, it is traditionally made using the colour "red ochre" and rice paste. And as believed, these motifs are known to evoke divine power, are the bearers of good fortune and they ward off the evil.

The murals were not just inspired from the life lessons of the villagers but they also touched upon community issues like stigma around menstruation, importance of education and family planning and such. These were brought to life by assisting artists - Advithi and Anish.

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