Life Lesson Stones

Here's an interesting fact about the Wise Wall Project - the project led to the creation of a brand new typeface called 'Saur' that is specific to the area.

Niteesh Yadav is one of India's youngest typography artists. We really wanted him to be a part of the project so we asked him to help us write the life lessons in the stone. He came down for the weekend. Traced and documented the handwriting of the villagers from the 12 remaining families. And then when he came back the next weekend, lo and behold, he had a brand new typeface! He created 'Saur' using just the few handwriting samples.

Isn't it amazing? We certainly thought so.

All the life lessons were painted by a local painter, Satpal ji, in the typeface created. These life lessons were therein etched on stones and have been placed outside of the houses that the life lessons belonged to.

They act as wisdom invitations for the curious traveller.

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