Murals and Lore

Walls as canvasses really make us look into the big picture.

The murals at Saur, on houses abandoned and inhabited, are a self replenishing spring. This spring can be tapped into to learn from age old-philosophies and tell-tale folklores of villagers.

Poornima Sukumar, one of India's best Muralist was the Head Artist for our project. She was assisted by three other artists i.e. Laila Vaziralli, Neerav Doshi and Ghana during the course of the project. The style for the wall art was derived from the Garhwal school of painting, which is heavily influenced by the Mughal miniature style and patterns.

The story behind this novelty goes as such; Mughal emperor, Sulaiman Shikho, took refuge in Garhwal for nine months. During this time he brought along his court painters. But even when the king decided to move back to his city, the court painters decided to stay back in the mountains as they had fallen in love with the people and the place.

And so did we. These wall paintings beneath are proof.

Click on individual walls for some special Saur stories
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