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In the third edition of the Wise Wall Project, we are collaborating with the culturally rich and one of the oldest tribes in the world, The Maasai, in the Losimingori village Arusha, Tanzania, to build a community center-cum-museum and paint the village.

The Maasai tribe are known for their proud identity and long preserved culture. The tribe in Monduli in Arusha lives a nomadic life. The women walk nearly 9 hours every day to fetch water and the children often sacrifice education due to lack of accessibility to a school.

Together with the villagers and local partners, we have built a community centre and museum that will facilitate a safe space for them to learn, teach and grow. We will further paint wall murals on their houses along with the community centre. The project will benefit nearly 4000 tribe members.

How can you help?

We are gathering finishing funds to make the newly built community centre functional, furnished and sustainable. The funds will be used to set-up-

  • A classroom for young children.

  • A souvenir shop where women beaders will send traditional Maasai jewellery. This will not only help promote the local entrepreneurs but also promote Maasai culture and heritage.

  • A space to facilitate different educational programs for the youth of the community to learn new skills.

  • A space for the villagers to store crops like maize and beans during the harvest season.

  • A community museum that will help preserve the Maasai culture and traditions. It will house cultural artefacts and artworks inspired by the tribe culture.

This fund will also help us undertake ethnographic research focusing on the cultural and social life of the families living in the village through in-person interviews. Inspired by the tribal art, the documented wisdom will then be hand-painted on the exterior walls of the Maasai houses and the newly constructed community centre. The fundraising cost will cover travel, research, accommodation, food, audio-video documentation, equipment, post-production, painting, admin and operative costs.

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Please contribute funds by donating directly to the fundraiser or by buying
an exclusive series of original artworks inspired by the stories of the Maasai tribe.

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