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The Wise Wall Project is an initiative of Project FUEL and FUEL Foundation to document the rural wisdom of our villages and celebrate it through art murals.

The Wise Wall Project transforms villages into living classrooms, turning the walls of the same onto blackboards and canvases that uncover striking yet simple life learnings. These lessons are further designed and presented to the world through various mediums on our platform. The project aims to ignite a movement of transforming the long forgotten villages into open-air galleries, exhibiting human wisdom for anyone and everyone in the world to see and benefit from. We believe that knowledge is the most valuable currency there is, of stories-waiting to be told and waiting to unfold!

From tapping into the practical learning of the villagers laced with age-old philosophies, to developing empathy that encourages us to adapt the right attitude and take corrective actions to support our ancestral villages.


The story begins from Uttarakhand - the Devbhoomi i.e the land of Gods, which is also home to many quaint, picturesque, remote villages that still remain crippled with the lack of basic amenities i.e. roads, electricity, medical aid etc. And lately, these villages have been witnessing severe migration related issues, due to the same.

"The Wise Wall Project" epitomizes one's journey back to their roots, the place where they belong - that was once full of life and that once breathed the stories of the years gone by.

The project uses art as a medium to paint the resilient spirit of the villages, presenting an opportunity of open dialogue, heartfelt interaction, of exchange of ideas, mutual learning and shared wisdom-between people from all walks of life. It also enables the city folks to not just glance through but immerse themselves in the village life.


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Our first Wise-Wall project in Saur, a 600-year old abandoned village in rural Uttarakhand.

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Our second Wise-Wall project in Khati, a Kumaoni village en-route the majestic Pindari Glacier.

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Our third edition of the Wise Wall Project in Tanzania, The Maasai, in the Losimingori village Arusha

Curious, what happened to them?

Go ahead and discover.


We research through personal interviews while collecting the life lessons of a community. Post-which, in accordance with the style and the culture of the region, the layout of the murals are designed by our artists and volunteers and painted on the walls of the villages.

We are self-proclaimed lovers of stories and we are hoping to help the villagers, people from un-accessible rural areas or belonging to the same to- accept, express and share their tales in an educative, entertaining, participatory and inclusive manner.

Through "The Wise Wall Project", we aim to facilitate an effective multicultural collaboration to provide enriching perspectives, intellectual stimulation and opportunities for public involvement. This enable close knit interactions between the people of different communities, places and races.

The Dawn

The Wise Wall Project focuses on the themes of inclusion, diversity, empathy and human connectedness. Working together fosters community development by bringing about change in mindsets and acts as a medium for understanding social issues. The project also provides an opportunity to forge strong bonds and meaningful connections-not only between the different communities in a village but also with the people or artists coming on-board to be a part of the project. And last but not the least, increased social visibility ensures garnering extensive support for a village to become a self-sustaining model, be it through tourism or other economic opportunities.

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